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Payment notification

Services that partner e-shops should create and make public in order to enable Skip Pay to notify these partner e-shops asynchronously of new applications.

When there is a need to inform you of new application, Skip Pay will use this resource. Specifically in the following cases:

Financing typeSupported

IMPORTANT: Partner e-shops should create and make available this service so that Skip Pay can alert them asynchronously to significant changes affecting specific applications.

In case of new application, you will receive notification in JSON format like this:

"paymentId": "1a12",
"date": "2017-05-20",
"applicationId": "11200a0ee1",
"value": {
"amount": 12590,
"currency": "CZK"
"variableSymbol": "1234567890",
"invoice": {
"fullName": "Ing. Jan Novák, Csc.",
"address": {
"name": "John Doe",
"country": "CZ",
"city": "Prague",
"streetAddress": "Letenská",
"streetNumber": "22",
"zip": "140 00",
"addressType": "PERMANENT"
"dueDate": "2017-06-20",
"accountNumber": {
"accountNumber": "123-123456789",
"bankCode": "0100"

As a response, we expect to send us confirming message like that:

"statusCode": "200",
"status": "OK"

All notifications will be sent to the URL you entered in the NotificationURL parameter when you created the application.