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Application states

Applications have a state and substates of their own that merchants and Skip Pay can manage.

Following is a list of current states:

Application stateRecurrence allowed state(s)Description
PROCESSINGAPPROVINGApplication is being processed by Skip Pay
READYREADY, CANCELLED, EXPIREDApplication was approved and is ready for financing
REJECTEDCANCELLEDApplication was rejected by Skip Pay system
CANCELLEDCANCELLEDApplication was cancelled by client or by Skip Pay, either before approval or after delivery

Simple diagram that shows a possible transition between states:

Application states

With the Get application detail operation, a merchant can always get the status of an application. Skip Pay alerts the merchant in advance of significant state and substate changes so that the merchant can handle Application notification.

💡 More info how Retrieve Application Details